Woodland Brands

A new way to grow 

Our services

We provide our suppliers with new market access, brand development and growth in both on/off trade in the United States of America  and Canadian market.

Our story

We have over 25 years experience in beverage alcohol and other CPG industries across North America. After discovering a gap in services and execution, we were inspired to innovate and bridge the disconnect between suppliers and their representation. Our system encompasses mutual growth and building a solid relationship and foundation for brand success.

Our vision

To bring forth a new way to grow brands, from coast to coast in the North American market. Utilizing hybrid methods, strategies and innovative industry expertise, at Woodland Brands, our legacy is building yours.

Our approach

From coast to coast, we have successfully piloted go to market strategies, sales, marketing and brand awareness for some of the largest brands globally. Our purpose, core values and mission is to tell your story, to activate consumer emotions and to establish your brand. Your brand story is absolutely essential to selling your product and our expertise in establishing brand narratives will successfully bring your product to market and captivate its audience. Your passion and dedication is why you entered into this industry, therefore, sharing your story should be woven into the fabric of your brand. While other aspects of creating and bringing a product to market may be a challenge, the good news is that we are here to help.

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